Reminders of a Post-Racial America

There are sore losers after every sporting event but some of the student reaction after a February 27th Westchester County, New York basketball game in which Mt. Vernon High School beat Mahopac High School 43-40 in the Class AA semi-finals was…well, you make the call:

(credit: Mount Vernon Mayor's Office)

“One of the few biological Mount Vernon fathers just tried to sell me crack outside the county center.”

Confederate flag tweet

“tough loss boys, but at least we can talk to our dads about it.”

If that wasn’t enough on Sunday, March 9th an adult, Minnesota state representative named Pat Garofalo, tweeted:  “Let’s be honest, 70% of teams in NBA [National Basketball Association] could fold tomorrow + nobody would notice a difference w/possible exception of increase in streetcrime.”

For anybody who actually bought into the “post-racial” rhetoric of the past five years this small sampling should be proof enough that the U S of A is nowhere near the We Are The World view of itself.  On the contrary this country has reversed field in order to, as some politicians and many business leaders have readily trumpet, return America to its founding greatness.  But here is the aftermath of our history that comes up over and over again.  The ability, of some people, to totally disregard the conditions that determine the living of everyday folks while taking full advantage of those same conditions when it suites them to do so.

Let me jump into this a little deeper.  Bridget Anne Kelly, the now infamous author of an email calling for “some traffic problems in Fort Lee ” (see my post The Garden State On Full Blast 02/13/2014), went to court on March 11th and here was part of her lawyer’s statement to the press afterwards:

“I’ll tell you for Ms. Kelly, she’s a 42-year-old single mom [my emphasis] with four children trying to make do at a difficult time.”

This may very well be a reasonable explanation for certain mothers stressed out in their lives but really now…are we to believe this obviously vindictive act to paralysis a city and its mayor was due to family matters?!?  Not only that how often is single mom used—in conjunction with fatherless family, deadbeat dad, the need for father figures so on and so forth— to denigrate Black communities creating fodder for media projection?  Just flashback to the Tweets above, how did those young people reach the conclusions they did?  Do you really think they were born with those asinine perceptions?  How about the report regarding a recently cut/released football player that began with mentioning his 12 children by 8 women.  Possible this type of reporting has any influence on young minds?  YOU THINK?!?  Why else would this personal part of that specific player’s life be upfront and center?

Projection…it is the only answer that makes sense.  In order to explain, qualify, and then implement there has to be some absolutes.  Maybe you’ve seen remnants of this in action already and it might look something like this:

Experimental education systems creating chaos with criminalizing and displacement of kids; cutting up of curriculum and enrichment programs while dismissing family involvement; a selected few operators profit handsomely by expansion and keeping costs down (including not paying rent/lease space)

And there is no challenge since money is wheel-barreled out to the progressive voices, and all is good in The Kingdom.

Except for the least of us.

“Signed…An Educated Brother!”


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Sharing the belief that education is not a business, and true academic reform is the only tide that will lift all boats.
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