The Tainted Road to Cooperstown, New York

“America’s pathology is her denial.” Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, Dr. Joy DeGruy, 2005

Leave it to the most pathetic athlete of my time, Alex Rodriguez (Lance Armstrong a very close second), to cap the end of another baseball season blaming somebody else for his own creation.  As much as I enjoy the sacred Yankees franchise feeling the pain of bad management decisions, over paid performers coming up way short, and the hated rival Boston Red Sox winning it all (da Bronx is so close to my Queens team in many ways) I can’t help but think there are many in the sport skating free from the Commissioner Bud Selig cash producing steroids era.

How is there no uproar, let alone a conversation or debate, about the managers that put these cats on the field?  Who benefitted more from these juiced up ballers?  Let’s take a look at a few than you make the call:

Tony La Russa-Wins 2,728  Championships-3  Star Players-Jose Conseco, Mark McGuire, Albert Pujols

Bobby Cox-Wins 2,504  Championships-1  Star Players-David Justice, Steve Avery

Joe Torre-Wins 2,326  Championships-5  Star Players-Roger Clemens, Andy Petite, Jason Giambi, Gary Sheffield

Dusty Baker-Wins 1,671  Championships-0  Star Players-Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa

Terry Francona-Wins 1,121  Championships-2  Star Players-David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez

A lot of victories, and some fame, for these gentleman but I don’t know.  Understanding that the players decision was their own how can they be suspended without pay and ostracized with the asterisk with absolutely no repercussions for the others involved?  When asked a question regarding cheating baseball players Atlanta Braves manager Cox responded by pointing a finger at the National Football League, while battling his own domestic abuse case.  The whistle-blower Jose Canseco began his career as a teammate of Mark McGuire with La Russa as the manager.  Anyone with good mine who saw the before and after picture of McGuire’s time in St. Louis, again under Manager La Russa, knew one plus one didn’t result in two.  How much “ignorance” can one person or group claim?

Owner Bud knew before becoming H.N.I.C. (Head Nut In Charge).  The game needed an injection (Freudian slip)…the cash started to flow, chicks dig the long ball and records were falling to the sheer delight of the fans.

Forget the swollen heads, growing lumps, liver damage, reproductive effects, hair loss, aggressive/violent behavior and other serious long-lasting health issues.

Best interest of baseball be damned.

“Signed…An Educated Brother!”


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