It’s About The Money…However

“…we must delve into the depths where neither liberals nor conservatives dare to tread, namely, into the murky waters of despair and dread that now flood the streets of black America.  To talk about the depressing statistics of unemployment, infant mortality, incarceration, teenage pregnancy, and violent crime is one thing.  But to face up to the monumental eclipse of hope, the unprecedented collapse of meaning, the incredible disregard for human (especially black) life and property in much of black America is something else.”  Cornel West, Race Matters, 1993

The only consensus in Washington, DC seems to be on President Obama’s education policy.  Not only is there very little bickering between parties (full disclosure, I don’t consider an argument on the pros and cons of preschool a game changer) but folks like Newt Gingrich and Al Sharpton have united on common ground with much of the Education Secretary Arnie Duncan led direction.  But this combination of silence and partnering is fascinating to me.  I mean, we all know opposites attract but when there is such a stark difference in the education results for Blacks compared to Whites it makes comprehension of this political unity puzzling at best.  Here’s what we’ve recently heard in education from some news outlets:

The states of New Jersey and Tennessee take over failing school districts in Camden and Memphis

I thought one side strongly feels government should be smaller.  This sounds counter intuitive to the entire “Big Government” argument.

Thirty-five Atlanta public school staffers (thirty-five!) arrested for test cheating scandal lead by Beverly Hall, self-proclaimed reformer and 2009 Superintendent of the Year!

Get out of town…faulty accountability and bloated test scores to enrich themselves with fat bonuses?  Are we talking about a school district or DC lobby group?!?

Former city councilwoman Eva S. Moskowitz will open six, of the allotted twenty-six, new charter schools in New York City before the next academic calendar begins!

Excuse me, while I kiss the sky!!!  In the name of Jimi Hendrix how did a Democratic politician sneak into the urban educational landscape of New York with such a wonderful charter organization?  Just think about it, the failure of our education system didn’t happen overnight with a few isolated individuals doing it harm.  It has been a steady, consistent, and decades long sucking blood transfusion from (mostly) urban areas across this nation.  But a politician has the answer.

As the title of Jesse Sr., and Jr. now infamous 1999 book reads (talking about the chickens coming home to roost!) it’s about the money.  It’s about the heavy flow of foundation dollars, along with a decimated beaten down [experimental sample] people who are the wet dream of Project For The New American Century and all other one-half percent policy manipulators.

And the shame of it is that we, the direct benefactors of the civil rights movement, have allowed this to happen.  That is what I tell the youth everyday, all day.  It’s not their fault, it’s the grown-ups.  I tell older folks not to teach, mentor or prepare followers.  Create leaders that are independent in their thinking, steadfast in their beliefs, and unmovable in their morals.

True education is a process, not a Google.  The bleeding must stop now.

“Signed…An Educated Brother!”


About aneducatedbrother

Sharing the belief that education is not a business, and true academic reform is the only tide that will lift all boats.
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